On Friday, 13.10.2023, Vaccentis held an Investor Meeting in Zürich. Prof. Martin Marszalek, Department Head for Urology and Andrology at Donauspital Vienna presented the remaining unmet medical need in the treatment of the adjuvant renal cell carcinoma and how VCC-001 could contribute to the future treatment paradigm.

Ingrid Rauter, Head of Research and Development and CMO at Vaccentis, presented the mode of action of VCC-001, the further progress in the projects for the characterisation and standardisation of VCC-001, as well as the clinical development program for obtaining future marketing authorisation.

Martin Munte, CEO of Vaccentis, presented the strategic business and investment plan and added:
"Vaccentis is a very well positioned biotech company with an experienced new management team with a proven track record. Academic phase III data for the cancer vaccine VCC-001 in adjuvant renal cell cancer have demonstrated clinical efficacy and good tolerability. The cancer vaccine concept of VCC-001 has significant potential in other cancers."


IR 10 2023


IMarsalek 10 2023

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