24. May 2022

Vaccentis AG reorganizes its Board of Directors

At its extraordinary General Meeting on 19 May 2022, Vaccentis AG expanded its Board of Directors with three high-profile entrepreneurs and thus new competencies.  Matthias Oertle, Marcel Frei and Subhasis Roy were appointed in a clear election with a rarely-seen participation level of 6,826,228 votes present. The new five-person Board of Directors also includes the two current members, Heinz Studer and Stephan T. Kiessig.
The election of Matthias Oertle, Marcel Frei and Subhasis Roy to the Board of Directors signifies the start of a new phase of growth for Vaccentis AG, in which the focus will be on further professionalization, pressing ahead with a promising product pipeline, and tapping into a broader, international investor base.
Matthias Oertle will become the new Chairman of the Board of Directors. He is a partner at the renowned law firm Lenz & Staehelin and his specialisms include venture capital. Subhasis Roy, who has many years’ experience as a banker and an advisor in the healthcare sector, will also join the Board of Directors as a new member. Moreover, he has extensive expertise in advising and supporting pharmaceutical companies that focus on the development of new medicines, which he will also contribute to the Board of Directors of Vaccentis AG. The new strategic management board will also be enhanced by Marcel Frei, who will bring in his broad business knowledge and experience in an international environment as an engineer and CEO of Schenker Storen.