20. January 2019

Phase II study: second round of European funding

As planned, VCC Medical had submitted the application in the second round of funding scheduled for the end of October as part of the “Horizon 2020” program. However, the European Commission recently requested a further update of the submission documents, which the VCC Medical Group will implement as requested in the upcoming weeks.

The application with a funding volume of approx. EUR 2.3 million includes the already planned Phase II study and further studies to improve Reniale®. With this program, the foundation is laid to measure the efficacy of Reniale® in humans within a short time by means of biomarkers. These findings will allow an early read-out after a period of one year during a subsequent phase III study, which is important and relevant for later admission evaluations.

Similarly, the Phase II study will lay the foundations for successor products for which an international patent has already been filed. These enhancements still use Reniale®’s well-known and clinically proven mechanism of action, but target highly personalized, patient-tailored therapies using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and formulations, and extend the indication range towards other tumors. These products, like Reniale®, are already expected to be almost free of side effects.