20. January 2019

Capital acquisition remains the focus of Vaccentis AG

While the scientific work on Reniale is being pursued within the limits of the company’s financial capabilities, management’s focus is on raising capital.

Vaccentis is currently focusing on collaborative and fundraising talks with potential partners in Europe (and the US).

Nevertheless, Vaccentis AG must generate short-term liquidity in order to be able to maintain its going business operations.
Therefore, in this urgent situation, the Company is offering existing, but also newly interested shareholders a re-purchase resp. an initial purchase option: Vaccentis will  be offering at least 200,000 registered shares of the Company for purchase. Price per share will be CHF 7 to CHF 9, depending on the number of shares ordered.

Please contact the company’s Investor Relation Partner, Pro Equity AG in Zurich, under +41 44 515 48 10 or by mail (info@proequityag.com) until February 8, 2019, if you are interested in our purchase offer.