15. August 2018

Autologous serum eye drops – inclusion in the FBM-PHARMA product portfolio

Patients suffering from “dry eye syndrome” diagnoses, such as keratoconjunctivitis sicca or Sjögren’s syndrome (prevalence in Germany of approx. 1 million patients), experience a significant improvement in their disease when treated with autologous serum eye drops.

The therapy of the patients currently takes place almost exclusively on an inpatient basis in an ophthalmic clinic; however, a comprehensive outpatient treatment of these patients is not guaranteed. FBM-PHARMA wants to close this gap in care. The establishment of a network including eye clinics and blood collection centres for this purpose is planned.

FBM-PHARMA is currently working with the relevant authorities on the expansion of the existing manufacturing license for autologous serum eye drops. With its in-house expertise in autologous serum eye drops, FBM-PHARMA is currently in talks with one of the leading eye clinics in Germany with the aim of establishing a cooperation that will cover the medical-scientific aspects.

FBM-PHARMA has decades of experience in the field of complementary medical treatment of autoimmune diseases with a focus on chronic inflammatory skin diseases. The individual immunotherapeutic agents manufactured from autologous patient material (individual immunotherapy from blood/plasma, AHIT® according to Dr Kief and urexent®) are characterised by excellent tolerability and sustained efficacy.

With the decision to include autologous serum eye drops in its product portfolio, FBM-PHARMA is opening up another promising market in the area of personalised drugs.